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Lab And Inspection Services For Drinking Water And Waste Water
We also undertake testing of water and waste waters quality according to Internationally Recognized standard Testing methods. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields closely supervised by qualified personal.
Lab And Inspection Services For Construction Materials
We provide testing services for construction materials, such as steel and concrete in accordance with Established standard Testing methods. Construction material Tests include Concrete compressive strength Test
- Steel tensile strength Test
- Rebound Hammer Test
Certification Services
Certify with us and you’ll not only commit to best practice, you’ll also show that excellence matters to you. Certification can support implementation of best practices to assess and improve your operations. Enabling you to reduce risk and enhance efficiency. Our pool of auditors guarantees the highest level of competence in the certification.
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 20000
ISO 22000
ISO 27001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 50001
Second & Third Party Auditing
Second Party Audits
Second Party Audits are commonly known as Supplier Audits because they are used where an organization has to assure itself of the ability of a potential or existing supplier or sub-contractor to meet the requirements. Therefore Supplier Audits are becoming increasingly important as part of the process for making the initial selection of a data processor, and then for monitoring their ongoing performance. It should be noted that the organization need not undertake a Supplier Audit itself if the supplier can provide evidence of having successfully passed a Data Protection Audit, provided it was conducted by a reputable and independent third party Assessment Body.
Third Party Audits
Third Party Audits involve an independent outside body coming in to the organization to conduct an audit. Many organizations are now finding it more cost effective to conduct integrated audits in this way. This situation occurs when a Data Controller believes that it will be beneficial to have an independent external assessment of the effectiveness of their data protection systems. To facilitate this, the Data Controller may sub-contract the assessment to a third party (such as an audit firm) and request that they use the audit methodology and guide.
Inspection Services
We offer a full range of special inspections and materials testing services and operate a fully accredited Materials Testing. We believe in creating a safe environment, from the structures we inspect, to the materials we test. By embracing a culture of quality, we focus on perfecting our abilities, products and processes.
Training Services
People are the most valuable assets in any lab. We offer comprehensive, professional training and certification through a variety of convenient venues:
  • Online learning delivered by specialists
  • Onsite instruction from factory trained experts
  • Courses at one of our worldwide training and demo centers with optimal classroom settings
Pre Shipment Inspection Services
We offer a range of Pre Shipment Inspection scopes to prevent a loss of quality concerning the products journey from the country of origin to the customer. Leaving the location of origin safely is an important step during the products supply chain. Proved products ready for shipment have to conform to import specifications and customer requirements.
A main part of the Pre Shipment Inspection is checking the total amount of food and packaging, to ensure the quality and to check the documentation of the products. This includes test reports and packaging lists.
Calibration Services
We offer on-site and in-house calibration services specializing in calibration, and service of mechanical testing devices.
Regular calibration ensures your high-precision instruments continue to provide accurate, high-quality data. Choosing the right calibration laboratory can be as important for lifetime accuracy and reliability as the initial selection of the instrument.
Personal Certification Services
Personnel certification indicates that individuals have the skills needed to perform their work efficiently and proficiently. Certification is earned via completion of a professional training program including an exam. To ensure skills are current, recertification is required at defined intervals.
The individual and business benefits of certification include provable demonstration of particular knowledge and skills, professional recognition, and improved credibility and marketability.
Organic Certification Services
In addition to providing organic certification, Our Company is also able to provide services for organic producers who wish to export their products worldwide with their certification needs. We will help these producers through the process of organic certification or grassfed verification.
Product Certification Services
Product certification (the end result of a successful conformity assessment) is required before products may be sold in a particular market. This is usually demonstrated via a market-specific certification mark on the product itself.